About Us

About Us

About Us

Who We Are

From being founded in 2012, we have grown into one of the UK’s foremost debt resolution specialists.

Founders Phil Davison and Tom Cardwell, who both had extensive experience in the property and financial sectors, were determined to provide a solution to the negative equity crisis that existed in Northern Ireland following the collapse in property prices.

Our highly successful businesses, under the trading styles of Negative Equity NI/UK and more recently Get Help With Debt, have been based upon the creation of trusted and effective relationships with all the major lenders. Our ability to use these business relationships to mediate and manage debt solution agreements has paid dividends for our clients.

Our solutions, created to achieve the best and fairest outcome for both client and lender, have led to thousands of successful outcomes for clients.

Our experiences proved that:

  1. We could successfully provide solutions in a complex, sophisticated and regulated financial landscapes
  2. The role of an intermediary (between the client and lender) is critical to achieving successful debt problem outcomes.

Adopting the same approach, we expanded into the personal debt market in 2019, under the trading style gethelpwithdebt.co.uk and have become one of the most innovative and fastest-growing practitioners in this sector, with thousands of ‘live’ client arrangements underway at the moment.

Our history of successfully responding to market factors and changing financial drivers and creating solutions that meet the approval of our clients, the lending community and the regulators makes us confident for the future.

With plans in 2023 and onwards to develop into the corporate and professional debt space, our hybrid debt solutions management model is poised to deliver a greater number of successful outcomes to a broader base of clients.

Phil Davison
Phil Davison
Tom Cardwell
Tom Cardwell

“It’s at the core of our company that we give back, if we can help others while growing a successful company it’s important that we do that, we want to be seen to make a difference ”

Phil and Tom

Our Mission Statement

We want our business to help others improve their existing financial situation and provide the foundation for longer term financial and family stability. 

The success of our organisation will provide the means so we can invest into our local community and provide a positive example of how business can make a positive social difference.

100% Free Advice

Our team of qualified debt experts could write off all or a portion of your debts.

Freeze Interest & Charges

We could potentially freeze the interest & charges on your debt. 

We’ve Helped 1000’s

We handle all third party & lender communication. We remove the stress from you.

Affordable Payments

You have just a single monthly payment to clear the debt, at a rate you can afford.

Our Work

We work closely with several local debt charities including adviceni.com and ruralsupport.org.uk providing training and support. Linda Wilson, our Voluntary Sector Services Manager works closely to ensure that our services are accessible to those most in need.

A caring and thriving society is what we strive to be part of and we fully understand that if we can help to improve the situation of our clients, through them we will help improve the broader community. That’s what we want our corporate legacy to be.

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