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Debt Charities

Debt Charities

A debt charity is an organisation set up to help people in debt. They do not charge for their services and support.

It is a fact that most debtors struggle to deal with their debts, and even those that are on the right track may need emotional support along the way.

UK debt charities often provide a wide range of services including free debt advice and more. What is on offer will depend on the specific debt charity.

What are the benefits of using a Debt Charity

As we previously mentioned being in debt can be an emotional time for you and it is easy to feel lonely. This is made worse if we want to keep our problems to ourselves. A debt charity is a place where you can find confidential support without having to pay fees. Other benefits they offer include:

They never judge

  • Great experience and good resources
  • Free debt advice
  • Free money help and tools
  • Some may communicate with creditors on your behalf
  • Some may offer free debt solutions

Debt Charities to consider

Debt charities come in all shapes and sizes with the 3 most popular being:

StepChange UK –

  • StepChange is a UK debt charity, formerly known as the Consumer Credit Counselling Service. It is the trading name of the Foundation for Credit Counselling.

National Debtline –

  • The National Debtline is a debt charity that has been in existence for over 25 years and it is run by the Money Advice Trust. They provide free and confidential advice for people in the mainland UK.

Christians Against Poverty –

  • Christians Against Poverty is a Christian charitable company in the United Kingdom founded in Bradford, West Yorkshire by John Kirkby in 1996. It is a national organisation specialising in debt counselling for people in financial difficulty, including those in need of bankruptcy or insolvency

Get Help With Debt has excellent relationships with a number of UK debt charities and actively supports the fantastic work that they do

Our Work

We work closely with several local debt charities including and providing training and support. Linda Wilson, our Voluntary Sector Services Manager, works closely to ensure that our services are accessible to those most in need.

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