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Do Nothing

Doing nothing when you are in debt can be the worst option of all.

Research shows that 50% of people wait a year or more before they take steps to sort out debt problems. This shows that those first steps are quite often the most difficult to take but they really need to be taken if an easier resolution is going to be created and reached.

If you’re struggling to deal with your debts, it can be really difficult to open letters or talk on the phone, but ignoring the situation is going to make things harder.

What Can Happen If I Ignore the Situation?

If you have arrears on your debts, it’s important that you don’t ignore letters or emails from your creditors.

It’s easy to put off opening letters but that doesn’t help at all. The more they pile up, the harder it’ll be to deal with them, so get into the habit of opening and reading letters as soon as they arrive. If you don’t you may miss something vital.

These important pieces of communication could include:

  • Court action or letter of claim
  • A statutory demand, which is the first step for a creditor to make you bankrupt
  • Your creditor advising you that they’ve passed your debt to a debt collection agency

You have a strict deadline to respond to some of these notices if you want to avoid your creditor taking further action, so please don’t ignore them.

You also need to make sure that your creditors have your most up to date address, otherwise these important letters may be sent to your old address and you may only find out about court action when it’s too late.

Ignoring Phone Calls?

A creditor can’t insist on you dealing with them by phone, and you won’t get in any trouble if you refuse. But if you don’t take the phone calls it makes it even more important that you read and respond to letters and emails promptly.

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