How Are We Different

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How Are We Different

How Are We Different

How Are We Different?

The complexity of the debt resolution environment means as a successful intermediary we require a multitude of skills and expertise.

These skills and how we apply them make us unique.

The practices we choose not to do, also add to our uniqueness.

What Makes Us Different?

Solution Agnostic

We have sought and accumulated experience across a broad range of financial debt resolution tools, across many types of debt – one single solution never fits all situations and circumstances.

World Class Relationships

We have established trusted, mature and successful relationships with all major lenders – negotiated resolutions are built upon established respect/trust between all parties.

Subject Matter Expertise

We have amassed comprehensive in-house knowledge of the various nuances of debt resolution processes – ensuring we create niche and tailor-made strategies for each client, based on their circumstances, providing the greatest likelihood of success.

Empathy & Integrity

We understand the importance and value of ‘listening’ to our clients – uncovering all pertinent and necessary information and interpreting it so that we construct the most compelling and effective resolution proposals that resonate with lenders.

Negotiation Prowess

Our class leading negotiation prowess has enabled the successful agreement of thousands of client settlements with the largest UK lending institutes – we achieve the highest rates of proposal acceptance (over 90% currently) from lenders and the best possible outcome for our clients.

Administrative Mastery

Our backbone of robust procedures and protocols that ensure client agreements are expertly managed through to the required completion – providing the impetus and assurance for a fresh financial start for our clients and their families.

Practices We Avoid Make Us Different Too

Don't capture leads for others

We refuse to work as mere lead generation agencies for other businesses, unlike a lot of so-called debt advisory companies. Our advice and testimonials are based on work we have managed and completed, not work completed by third parties.

Don't limit solution choice for clients

We don’t specialise in simply one debt resolution product as such specialisation means clients cannot be given the best and appropriate advice for their personal situation. There are a variety of debt solution options available and we lay them all out on the table for our clients.

Don't provide false hope

We refuse to give false hope in order to obtain business. What we are focused on is providing long-term financial stability via professionally structured and managed debt solutions that contribute to an improved financial resilience and future for our clients and their families.

Don't turn away complex and demanding cases

We don’t just handle the straight-forward, simple cases. Our breadth of expertise in debt solutions means we can often provide assistance in even the most complicated and unusual cases.

Our Work

We work closely with several local debt charities including and providing training and support. Linda Wilson, our Voluntary Sector Services Manager, works closely to ensure that our services are accessible to those most in need.

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