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We are aware that coping with debt can be overwhelming. However, the resolution is often simpler than you might think. Please reach out to us, you don’t have to face this alone.

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Our debt consultations are offered at no cost. Should you wish to withdraw your enquiry, you can easily do so with a simple click. If you’re committed to making a change, we’re fully prepared to assist you.

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Our team is here to offer guidance every step of the way—from managing your documents and communicating with your creditors to providing ongoing advice and teaching you how to interact with bailiffs and debt collectors.

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After an IVA

Monthly payments are based on individual financial circumstances

Thanks for taking away the hassle and worry of dealing with my creditors and I am determined to see this through. Everything was easier than I thought it was going to be, and it was nice to know that when you said we would get the paperwork that day we got it that day!
John, Belfast
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Our responsibility doesn’t end when your arrangement starts or even when it finishes. We can help you re-build your credit score, get a mortgage and improve your overall financial situation. We will support you and your family for as long as you need us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An individual voluntary agreement (IVA) is a formal and legally binding agreement between you and your creditors to pay back all or part of your debts over a period of time at an affordable rate.

To be eligible you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have £6,000 or more of unsecured debt
  • Owe money to two or more creditors
  • Live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland
  • Have a steady income and consistently be able to make a payment of at least £100 per month.


Yes. An IVA will affect your credit rating for six years and your information will also be placed on the public Register of Insolvencies for the duration of the agreement, but the process allows you to clear your debts within a reasonable time frame.

An IVA, most commonly, lasts for five or six years (60 or 72 months respectively).

Owning your own property is taken into account when you apply for an IVA. The Insolvency Practitioner (IP) will consider the amount of equity that would be available to you if you were to sell your home and pay off your mortgage. They would also check if the amount of equity would be enough to repay your debts in full.

Please note that you will never be required to sell your home as part of your IVA. This, protection of the home, is the main reason clients choose to enter an IVA.

After making monthly contributions towards your debts for a period of time, agreed with your creditors – most commonly five or six years (60 or 72 months respectively) – any remaining debt will be written off.

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