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You might have been mis-sold a financial product if the risks or features were not explained to you properly or the type of product you were recommended wasn’t right for you and your personal circumstances.

What is meant by financial Mis-selling?

If the person who advised you is a regulated financial adviser, they must recommend something suitable for your needs and explain properly what the product can and can’t do.

If they don’t do this, you might be able to claim compensation.

Things to remember about financial mis-selling:

  • It’s not about whether you lost money – even if you didn’t lose out, if the product isn’t right for you (perhaps because it’s a riskier investment than you are comfortable with) you can still make a complaint about financial mis-selling.
  • However, you can’t complain just because an investment performed badly. Some investments are risky, and if you take a gamble, you must accept that you might lose money. But you can complain if you weren’t told about the risk.
  • It’s not just about investments either. If you have been sold a mortgage or life insurance or protection product that is not suitable for your circumstances, you may have a case for mis-selling.

What to do if you have been mis-sold a financial product

Act quickly

If you want to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service there is a time limit of six years from when you were sold the product, or three years from when you noticed (or ought reasonably to have become aware) something was wrong – whichever is later.

But before going to the Ombudsman you need to complain to your provider.

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